Easy Sharing

Give a partner or friend view or edit capabilities.
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Accessible Anywhere

Google Sheets makes it easy to save a spreadsheet to your phones home screen.
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Planning & Forecasting

Compare month-to-month and individual month actualities to planned spending amounts.
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Label Categorization

Tailor your income and expenses using custom labeling.
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Fast Searching

Search for a set of labelled transactions over the year so far and in an individual month.
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Made for All

Everyone is unique, as is their way of budgeting.
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Halfdollar Community

A place to chat with others about budgeting, finances, or give feedback on Halfdollar.
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Answers to questions you might have

Is it free?

Yes, but please consider donating to a cause making positive and inclusive change in the world. If you feel so inclined to help pay the costs of Halfdollar, you can Venmo me @derektorsani. :)

Can I use it on my phone?

Yes. From Google Drive, you can save your Google Sheet to your phone homescreen.

How will I receive updates?

A new version of Halfdollar will be released at the end of each year.

Can I use it in Excel?

Yes, you can download and import it into Excel.

I have an idea to make it better. Can I contribute?

Yes, let's chat about it in the Halfdollar Slack Community.

Can I change the formulas in the spreadsheet?

It's not recommended as it could mess up the entire budget. If any cell has a formula or a title, you should not change it. You'll receive a warning on anything you try to change that you shouldn't.

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